One question that so many article marketers ask or one question that always seems to make it’s way to the top of the internet marketing forums in Does Article Marketing Work? Is there a secret to article marketing? The simple answer is no, there is no secret but there are a few tricks that you can pick up along the way that can help you get more traffic to your website and make more sales. The key is traffic.

Tip number one: Write more! sounds simple rite? Even saying this so many article marketers write 10, 25 articles expect to start making hundreds of dollars and when they do not they flop out and say it does not work or they give up and they move onto something else. This is not the answer the correct answer is you need to write a lot of articles that link back to your offer, your website your blog to to see the traffic. Just think about if you had 500 articles all getting 1 visit a day thats 500 readers you have the opportunity to see your offer. So tip number one is do not give up write more articles. If you write 100 articles and direct link them all to a squeeze page with an up sell offer of even direct link them to a affiliate product page you will see traffic and you will see sales but it’s all about keeping to it and not giving up.

Next tip: When article marketing try not to place all of your eggs in one basket, I would say to try and submit 5 articles a day to start and not burn yourself out. I would start off by submitting 3 to article directories and then one to your personal blog and then one to a website like Squidoo or Wikio or something along these lines. Do this whole process for one product one affiliate offer for 30 days and see the results and let me know.

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