There are so many important elements that you need to consider when doing article marketing. Two of the most critical are your titles and your resource box. Your titles act as teasers and are great help in getting people to open and read your articles while your resource box serves as the gateway to your website. As you may already know, these are critical to the success of your article marketing campaign.

In this article, I will share some tips on how you can make both your titles and your resource box powerful. Follow these religiously and I can guarantee you that you’ll enjoy increased open and clickthrough rate (CTR) sooner than later.

For your titles

  1. Your target audience will only have one question in mind when deciding if they’ll read your articles or not and that is “What’s in it for me?” So, it’s important that you tell these people what’s in store for them. Make your titles benefit-driven and ensure that they accurately summarize the content of your articles. Whenever possible, make your titles intriguing as well. Make use of compiling statements or earth-shaking questions and powerful words. The idea here is to get these people feel certain emotions like anger or excuse so you can easily move them to act on your favor.
  2. Keep it short. Using lengthy titles will not do you any good. Remember, you only have a couple of seconds to capture the attention of your target audience. It’s best if you use 12 or less powerful words. Also, ensure that you use the keywords that you’re targeting as this can really help in securing nice place on relevant listings.
  3. No product names please. Article directories will reject your articles in a heartbeat should you mention the name of the products and services that you are selling on your titles. Remember, you’re only allowed to pitch in your offers on your resource box.

For your resource box

  1. Start by telling your readers who you are. It’s sad that other article marketers do not understand the importance of introducing themselves to their readers or potential clients. How can you expect these people to trust and respect you if they do not even know you? So, start your resource box by telling your readers who you are, what you do, and the things that you can do to help them out. Say all of these things using as few words as possible. It will also help if you include your most friendly-looking, most recent photo so your prospects can easily put a face on your name.
  2. Make your call to action compelling and benefit-driven. Again, tell your readers what’s in it for them so you can easily entice them to click the links on your resource box. For example, you can say “get more computing information on how to choose the best Christmas gifts for your loved ones by clicking here.” Instead of absolute URLs, I would recommend the use of anchor texts as they’re proven effective in increasing CTR.

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