As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

For that reason, starting an online business with killer copy is absolutely essential and will play a huge role in determining the ultimate level of your success. This copy can come in several different forms including content on the site, blog posts, and articles. In each variation your copy will either be your first interface with prospects or a continuing dialog with prospects or customers that are familiar with your site and what you publish.

Here are three things to consider when publishing copy:

  1. If the impression your copy makes with prospects on their initial contact is not a good one, your chances of a continuing dialog are going to be pretty slim.
  2. People typically decide to stay or leave a web page within 8 seconds. That gives you about three sentences to persuade them to stick around.
  3. Your copy has to either be building or building trust and credibility for you, your site, and / or your products and services. Without that trust and credibility you’re going to have a tough time developing relationships with prospects and a really tough time getting conversions.

So, what’s the secret to starting an online business with killer copy? The elements of it are relatively simple and absolutely do not require degrees in marketing and English.

They are:

  • Make it your intention to add value – Your potential prospects will, at least initially, be looking for information on the product / service they intend to buy. Starting an online business that delivers assistance to these prospects will position you first as a trusted resource. With the intent of adding value as your foundation the other things will fall in line.
  • Provide a solution to a problem or need – Forward your product as a solution for your prospects. This can be done with virtually any product / service wherever the need is based on health, money, vanity, etc.
  • Prompt an action – An action can include signing up for a free newsletter, making a purchase, or visiting your website if you’re publishing content on article directories and the like.

Writing killer copy requires the basics such as correct spelling and being grammatically correct but these are secondary issues behind adding value, problem solving, and getting prospects to take action. Lastly, do not worry about being perfect. It is not a requirement as long as you’re delivering the goods to the people who find you.

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